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10 steps to host your Longest Table

So, you’ve registered to host a Longest Table on our 10-year anniversary? Thank you – now the fun part can begin!✨​

Hosting a Longest Table may seem overwhelming, but in 10 easy steps you will ensure your lifesaving get-together is a success.🤩​

1. Choose a date

The official date is Saturday 23rd July, but if that date doesn’t suit, that’s okay! You can hold your event anytime until the end of August.

2. Plan

Get creative and start thinking about the type of event you would like to hold. Will it be a physical event or a virtual one? Will you have a theme? How will you entertain your guests and what fundraising activities will you do at your event to help reach your target?

3. Update your table online

Upload your event photo, write a description and tell everyone why you are passionate about helping to #ForkCancer. The more people who connect with your story, the more likely they will attend or make a donation.

4. Set your fundraising target

Set an ambitious but achievable goal. Inspire your friends and family to help you reach it, because cancer hasn’t stopped impacting our loved ones and our community.

5. Spread the word

Be sure to invite your friends and family nice and early so they can join you to #ForkCancer. If people can’t make it, ask them to make a donation instead.

TIP: Use our invitation template and social media tiles accessible on your online host dashboard.

6. Recruit some helpers

As the saying goes – many hands make light work. Ask your friends to pitch in and help set up, buy decorations or even bring a plate of food to share!

7. Kick start your fundraising

If you haven’t already, be the first to donate. Show your friends and family you are committed by making a donation to your own table. Then encourage them to do the same.

8. Plan your fundraising activities

Think raffles, silent auctions, wine walls, coin toss, lucky squares. You can run these activities either before or during your event.

9. Bring it back to the cause

Remember why you’re holding a Longest Table. Perhaps you have lost a loved one to cancer or maybe you just want to help us find a cure? Share your motivation with your friends and family.

10. Make it easy to donate

Pass around the donation box provided in your Goodie Bag – every little bit counts! Or have laptops/tablets set up around the room for those who want to donate online. If your guests would like a tax receipt, please complete the form provided in your Goodie Bag.


Please reach out to our friendly team if you need help or assistance in planning your Longest Table! Email us at or give us a call at (08) 8244 1100.

We are so excited to see how you #ForkCancer! ​✨​