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8 of our top Longest Table ideas

So, you’ve registered to Bite to Fight cancer, Yes! We are so happy to have you. 🎉

Now you might be wondering, what’s next?

Never fear, we are here, and we have an idea to suit you and your crew no matter what, whether you are planning to see them in person or virtually.

If you are planning virtual, first up, what’s the best video chat tool? There are so many and they are all so simple. One that most of us have access to is Facebook Messenger. Or you can FaceTime (if all your friends have an iPhone/iPad). Otherwise, Zoom and Skype are really quick, simple and have free versions you can sign up for in a matter of minutes!

Here’s a few of our favourite Longest Table ideas to inspire your planning:

1. Cook-along: 👩‍🍳 Set a menu for your event and share your list of ingredients. If you’re doing it virtually, set up your laptop or smartphone in the kitchen, grab your beverage of choice and cook along via Zoom before enjoying your feast together!

2. Quiz Night: It’s an oldie but a goodie and always gets the competitive juices flowing! Create a trivia quiz and ask your guests questions throughout the event. Online platforms such as Kahoot allow you to host the quiz online and interact as a group by selecting the correct answers on screen.

3. Movie Night: 🍿 Watching your favourite movie with your besties is a forkin’ fabulous idea, whether you are in the same or in separate lounge rooms! Online platforms such as Netflix Party mean all of you can watch the same movie at the same time from the comfort of your own homes.

4. Karaoke: 🎤 Whether we like to admit it or not, a karaoke night is sure to be one of the most hilarious party past times! Guests can sing their favourite songs together by using YouTube or a popular app Smule.

5. Learn How to: Share the special talents you have amongst your group! Maybe one of you is a brilliant baker, jeweller, florist or candle maker? Have a ‘how to’ physically or distribute the ingredients/items prior and do it via video chat. You can then sell or auction off your creations to raise some extra funds to #forkcancer

6. Games Night: 🎲 Compile your favourite games to play with your guests, set up your video chat if needed and away you go! Bingo, Charades, Draw Something, Never Have I Ever, Truth or Dare, Two Truths One Lie etc. are all possible physically or virtually! Winners and losers from each round can make an extra donation to #forkcancer

7. Live Sports Viewing: Turn your favourite sports match into your Longest Table by watching together or online with friends. Your menu can be inspired by your favourite sport, share in advance, go shopping, and enjoy together. Place a friendly bet with the winnings going to the cause.

8. Workout Session: 🧘 For the fitness nuts among us, host a physical or virtual work out (yoga, aerobics), followed by mixing post-workout smoothies and catching up.

We know last year’s Longest Table was challenging due to the pandemic. So this year, we’re coming back bigger, bolder and better than ever, and fighting even harder for a future free from cancer!

Thank you for joining us to #forkcancer and save lives from this devastating disease.