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A Community Rallies Together to Fork Cancer!

When Carole Wenzel began planning her Longest Table, she was envisioning a low-key night with a dozen friends at home…That plan quickly changed!

“I said to my friend how good would it be to have a venue donated instead so more people can come along and we could raise a substantial amount,” Carole said.

Thanks to the wonderful efforts of her friend, before long Carole’s Longest Table had changed venue to the Millicent Football and Netball Club which accommodates up to 120 people!

Carole’s Longest Table

Having locked down the venue, Carole and her team were determined to raise as much as they could to fork cancer, including selling raffle tickets on the main street of their hometown of Millicent months before their Longest Table event.

“My funds were raised by sitting up on the main street of Millicent for a couple of hours once or twice a week where I sold raffle tickets. One night my friend Annette and I took the donation boxes up the street and did a pub crawl of the three pubs in town.”

On the official night of her Longest Table, which was Saturday Feb 17th, Carole went all out with her fundraising efforts.

“On the evening we had auctions, raffles, $10 gift boxes, a photo booth for a gold coin donation and at the end of the evening we sold off plates of leftover meat, cake & slices.”


Carole’s Longest Table

In an absolutely forktastic effort, Carole and her team raised over $8,353 for lifesaving cancer research. Having loved ones of her own currently battling cancer, Carole is passionate about seeing a future free from the devastating disease.

“A future without cancer, how awesome would that be? It would mean the word to me to not have to watch another family member or friend go through this terrible disease.”

What are Carole’s words of wisdom for current and potential hosts? Most importantly make sure you have great support from family, friends and your local community!

“Ask all your local businesses for donations of goods to auction and raffle off and keep the food simple! With the support of your family and friends you’ll be surprised what you can achieve!”

Do you want to join Carole and help feed hope for a future free from cancer? Register to host your own Longest Table today.