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A Longest Table in Memory of Dianne

This year will be the second time Ashleigh is hosting a Longest Table, in memory of her loving stepmother Dianne, who sadly lost her life after a short and aggressive battle of a rare form of cancer in her bile duct in July 2016.

Ashleigh is planning an Art and Wine Night on the official night of TLT and guests will have the opportunity to paint their own individual canvases whilst enjoying drinks and nibbles.

She is also hoping to auction off a large canvas dedicated to the #forkcancer theme.

“I’m hosting a Longest Table again to continue commemorating my stepmother’s memory. I want to use my grief to be positive and help others who are dealing with similar circumstances,” Ashleigh said.

A future free from cancer for Ashleigh means that she won’t lose any other of her loved ones to this devastating disease.

“A cancer free future would mean everything. It would save families from the devastation cancer brings.

“It would mean that life would continue the way it is supposed to without reeling from the loss of those whose lives have been cut short from such an awful disease.”

Join Ashleigh and host your own Longest Table and raise funds towards a future free from cancer!