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Breast Cancer Research Saved My Life – Host Trish’s Story

When Trish Fuss heard out about The Longest Table, she couldn’t contain her excitement, dinner with friends to fight the disease that invaded her body? Bring it on!

In August of 2015 when she was 46-years-old Trish was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was news that changed her life forever.

“I felt my own lump and I knew something was wrong as it was very hard,” Trish said.

“I had a needle biopsy which came back clear, but then I noticed a physical change and went in for a mammogram and a core biopsy under ultra sound. It was during the ultra sound that specialists found what they thought was a secondary lump, but it was the bottom end of my breast cancer tumour. That’s how big it was.”

Diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, as Trish’s cancer had already moved into one of her lymph glands, doctors advised the best course of treatment was chemotherapy before surgery to remove the tumour.

“That was hard to digest, I wanted my cancer out of there straight away,” Trish said.

“My first round of chemotherapy was very hard, and I wanted to give up after that. I didn’t believe I was strong enough.

“I lost my sense of taste, and those types of things, but I knew it was all temporary and that’s what got me through.”

Despite this, Trish considers herself one of the lucky ones. After eleven rounds of chemotherapy, where she lost all feeling in her hands and feet, doctors couldn’t find the cancer in her lymph gland anymore meaning her body responded well to the treatment.

Her next step was surgery in February 2016, where she received the all clear from her surgeon that the entire tumour had been removed. Trish had already started on a treatment for 12 months called Herceptin, which thanks to breast cancer research has been available to patients for over a decade.

Trish considers herself one of the lucky ones, research saved her life.

“I was fortunate that my cancer was one of the ‘nicer’ ones and I had targeted therapy available to me through Herceptin. Thanks to incredible researchers working hard in their labs we have access to brilliant treatments like mine which are targeting the many different forms of breast cancer, but we still need more.

“If I didn’t respond well to my treatment, I don’t know where I would be right now.”

Now free of her cancer, Trish is determined to see research continue to save the lives of other women diagnosed with the heartbreaking disease. This is why she’ll be hosting her own Longest Table at the Grand Ball Room on Friday 23rd June. You can purchase a ticket here.

Will you join Trish and say a big fork you to cancer?!