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Breast cancer researcher says fork you to cancer

Dr Sarah Boyle is not only raising funds for cancer research; she is a breast cancer researcher herself!

Working at Adelaide’s Centre for Cancer Biology, she hopes to discover how physical stresses in the body can cause cancer cells to hijack healthy cells and make the disease progress rapidly, to ultimately save lives.

Outside of research and since 2017, Dr Boyle has hosted Longest Table’s to help raise funds for The Hospital Research Foundation, who support her research through an Early-Career Fellowship, and also to have some fun!

“It’s a great excuse to get friends together and enjoy the food, drinks and company,” Dr Boyle said.

Due to current restrictions, Sarah is hosting a small home gathering of close friends for a Sunday lunch on 27 September.

“The theme of our Longest Table is ‘Fork in the USA’ – anything American! I’m half American and we spent Christmas over there with family.

Unfortunately, we aren’t going to be heading over there again anytime soon so I thought we’d bring it here to our table,” Dr Boyle said.

“Guests are very welcome to bring American-inspired food including chicken wings, sweet corn, mac and cheese, gumbo, and of course cheesecake and pies for dessert!”

Like many, Sarah has had a number of family members affected by cancer, including breast, brain, lung and pancreatic cancer.

“This has always been a motivation for me to try and help make a difference, through my research and helping raise funds,” Dr Boyle said.

“A future free from cancer would no doubt be life-changing for patients and their families.”