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Cancer isn’t stopping for COVID, so why should we?

Determined friends Su Coutts and Margie Buxton weren’t going to let a global pandemic stop their efforts in the fight against cancer, opting to host a virtual night in!

The two Host Heroes once again held their Longest Table in memory of Margie’s dad who lost his battle with leukaemia and Su’s dear friend, who unfortunately lost her battle with breast cancer.

“There are a lot of things about losing a loved one that makes you feel powerless, but entertaining combined with fundraising was something we knew we COULD do. And we have done it every year since and this year is no different,” Su said.

Margie added: “Being in healthcare myself as a physio, I see all too often the ravages of cancer on the individual and the wider circles of family, friends and the community and we ALL need to see this as our problem.”

This year, their event looked a little different, the ladies decided to hold their Longest Table virtually, through a Zoom call on Saturday 22 August.

“We zoomed to households all over the place where groups up to 10 gathered, adhering to current restrictions. We organised quizzes and games for everyone to join in,” Su said.

“Even though it was a virtual event, we still held a silent auction and were lucky enough to have received some wonderful donations from local businesses!”

Su and Margie raised an incredible $2,726 for cancer research!

“Every bit counts. There are already treatments and therapies that weren’t even dreamed of a generation ago but there are still types of cancers that are hard to treat, persistent and sneaky. We have to work out how to head them off,” Su said.

“A life without the threat of malignant growth of the body’s own cells causing pain, not watching loved ones succumb to cancer… imagine that!”

You can host your very own virtual Longest Table! Sign up today!