Community Ambassadors

Trish Fuss

Trish is a fighter! In August of 2015 at 46 years old she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Fortunately, after a course of aggressive treatments Trish received the greatest news of all, she was cured. Now she is determined to see research continue to save the lives of others diagnosed with the heartbreaking disease. She’ll be hosting her third Longest Table this year to raise more vital funds for cancer research.

Trish’ host tip? Approach local businesses to donate items to auction off on the night, get an auctioneer involved and you’ll raise more funds whilst also having a great time!

Trish Fuss

Sarah Waldron

For Sarah it’s her personal motivation that drives her to host a Longest Table each year. Unfortunately, her mother is battling breast cancer, her father is undergoing treatment for skin cancer and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in his bowel and her 30-year-old brother had his eye removed two years ago from a rare optical melanoma.

Coming into her third year of hosting, Sarah is determined to raise more lifesaving funds to stop the heartbreak of cancer.

Her tip? Approach local businesses! I cannot believe the support I received from so many businesses donating prizes, food and drink on the night.

Kathryn Hudson

Having worked in medical research for over 20 years, Kathryn knows just how vital the funds you raise are in helping our researchers find a cure and improve treatments for cancer.

Starting small in her first year of hosting, Kathryn has since grown her events to include themes and raffles to encourage more donations from her guests.

She has some advice for you too – have fun with it! Keep your Longest Table within your comfort zone, people are there to support a cause you believe in.

Brenton Jolly

Brenton has been hosting a Longest Table since inception!

Having had loved ones touched by cancer, Brenton sees The Longest Table as a great way to give to a good cause whilst also have fun at the same time – as he says it’s easier than running a marathon!

Brenton’s hot tips for your Longest Table success? Get a good group of friends together, plan well and don’t stress too much about the cooking – less is more!

diana dente

Diana is another one of our legends, who unfortunately knows all too well just how tough the fight really is. Her world was turned upside down in February 2018 when she was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. It was hard, painful and at times she was ready to give up. She recognises that cancer not only leaves physical scars but mental scars as well and wants to highlight the importance of mental health during the cancer journey.

Diana is joining the fight so that no one has to go through what she, and many others, have to endure with this disease.

Her host tip? Keep it simple! Your guests attend because they know/love you and will see your passion behind it. It’s about spending time with your people and raising money is just a bonus.