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Elle McDonald’s cancer story

Adelaide Thunderbird’s superstar Elle McDonald is joining us as a Longest Table ambassador to #ForkCancer! Elle is a fighter on the court in her role as wing attack and centre, and we know she will be bringing that same fighting grit and determination to raise funds for cancer prevention, detection, treatment and eventually, a cure!

Elle knows that harsh reality of cancer all too well. Cancer is widespread in Elle’s family, but she was not expecting her own thyroid cancer diagnosis when she was only 19 years old.

Elle had finished her first year of university and was starting to realise her potential with netball when she began to feel fatigued.

“Your mum often picks up on the little things and she was quite persistent with me going to the doctors,” says Elle.

“I eventually had a biopsy done on my thyroid and we sat in that doctor’s office, and he told us that it was thyroid cancer.”

“I did try to put on a brave face, but in the moment you can’t help but think the worst.”

Thankfully, the doctor told Elle that the cancer was not deadly, and she would go on to live a full life.

Two weeks later, Elle was booked in to have a complete thyroidectomy.

“My whole thyroid was removed, as well as quite a lot of my lymph nodes.”

After recovering from the surgery, Elle was determined to live a normal life as a 20-year-old and not let cancer stop her from doing what she loves.

Elle’s passion for fighting cancer through medical research is why she decided to join The Longest Table as a lifesaving ambassador!

“Every single person I know has got a battle with cancer. If we can work together to research and put a stop to this horrible disease, then I’m absolutely on board,” says Elle.

“I’m getting all my friends together to raise money for cancer research, and you can too.”

Join Elle McDonald in the fight for a future free from cancer and register your lifesaving Longest Table today!

Please reach out to our friendly team if you need help or assistance in planning your Longest Table! Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (08) 8244 1100. We are so excited to see how you #ForkCancer! ​✨✨✨