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Exciting Prostate Cancer Research Will #forkcancer!

Dr Irene Zinonos wants to #forkcancer. Hosting her own Longest Table with friends and family each year, she is now also part of a collaborative world-first prostate cancer research project. Your support is crucial to research like this – a cure for cancer could be at the end of your table!

The project Dr Zinonos is involved is led by the University of Adelaide’s Associate Professor Lisa Butler and aims to help quickly identify life-threatening cases of prostate cancer, compared with cancer that may not require treatment.

A/Prof Butler and her team are focussed on lipids (fats), which are the building blocks of cells. They are looking at lipids in prostate tumours as a completely new way of predicting the cancer’s future behaviour. Doing all she can to #forkcancer, Dr Zinonos has come on board to help conduct some of the studies required to make this project a reality.

“Prostate cancer is a very evil disease and there are no real symptoms for this type of cancer – that’s the scariest part,” Dr Zinonos said.

Working in collaboration with the dedicated team of researchers, Dr Zinonos is looking at the different types of lipids that are present in prostate tumours from different patients.

“The team are hoping to develop a test that measures the lipid profile in the cancer cells to determine whether a tumour is going to be non-aggressive or aggressive,” Dr Zinonos said.

“This would be an exciting outcome as the biggest issue with prostate cancer we currently have is not being able to determine whether patients need radical therapies or not.

“The goal for a new test would be that doctors are then able to suggest which treatment may be most beneficial for an individual patient.”

By hosting your very own Longest Table you can feel proud knowing you’re contributing to lifesaving research and helping researchers such as Dr Zinonos who are doing all they can to #forkcancer!