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Forking Cancer for Her Family –Tracy’s Story

Tracy Jeffery has a very good reason for wanting to see an end to cancer, with her own family living with an extra high risk of developing the heartbreaking disease.

Tracy’s husband Chris is living with Lynch Syndrome, a genetic condition that comes with a high risk of developing colon cancer along with other cancers including stomach and skin cancer to name a few.

“Lynch Syndrome is a defective gene that basically means it’s highly likely Chris is going to get cancer and he needs to get checked regularly to catch it early,” Tracy said.

For Tracy her concern lies not only with her husband but also her three young daughters who may carry the genetic condition and will need to be tested. It’s for this reason she’s hosting a Longest Table to raise funds for research and see a cancer free future for her girls.

“Our three beautiful daughters, Tallis aged 11, Aliya who is 8 and Maleah aged 7 will eventually need to be tested to determine if they are at risk of carrying the Cancer Gene.

“I can only hope that by raising funds to fork cancer my family may be able to live cancer free for many years to come! I’m starting early, being proactive to find a cure by raising money to fork cancer!”

Tracy has a pot luck feast planned for her Longest Table on Saturday July 22nd, where she’ll be dishing up a range of curries for her guests to choose from. On the night she’ll also be auctioning off some amazing items donated by local businesses along with offering up a door prize.

“My dad has 25 years of auctioneering experience so I thought why not get him in and get some items donated so we can raise some more money and have some fun on the night.”

100 per cent of the funds you raise at your Longest Table will support cancer research in the hope of finding a cure for the devastating disease for Tracy’s family and so many others affected.