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Forking Cancer in Memory of Loved Ones

After losing too many family members to the heartbreaking disease that is cancer, Events Manager for Club Marion Kim Lessue was a huge advocate for The Longest Table this year and eager to raise funds towards treatments and ultimately a cure for this devastating disease.

“Sadly both my grandmothers have been affected by cancer. One is a survivor but unfortunately my paternal grandma passed away from breast cancer; my mother-in-law passed away from pancreatic cancer and my aunty passed away on my birthday two years ago from a very long 17 year fight with cancer,” Kim said.

“This disease has affected my family pretty heavily over the last few years especially. One of my good friend’s four year old son has a brain tumour and is receiving treatment at the moment which is heart-wrenching.”

Kim is passionate about raising funds, hosting a ladies night to raise funds and also supporting many hosts who decided to host their Longest Table at Club Marion, even winning Best TLT Participating Venue 2017.

“I will do everything I can to raise funds so that one day cancer will be a forgotten disease. I jumped at the opportunity to become a participating venue and I hope my hosts appreciated my efforts helping them hot their table, I’ve found it very rewarding.”

Thank you Kim for your fundraising efforts and for the support you’ve given hosts organising their Longest Table!