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Forks Ready to Fight Cancer!

Su Coutts and Margie Buxton were ready to #forkcancer at their Longest Table Dinner on Saturday June 24, raising an amazing $676 for lifesaving cancer research!

Joined by a group of their close friends, Su and Margie hosted a Mediterranean themed night at their local church hall where they had decorations galore along with stimulating conversation and games to keep their guests busy and donations rolling in.

“We decorated the church hall with Margie’s home-made bunting (100m long!), table decorations and succulents in pots, cans, cups and jars which we later sold off,” Su said.

“Guests brought along their own Mediterranean themed dish which ranged from pizza, moussaka and lasagne to tagines to share!

“We sold some bottles of wine, which were mystery bottles wrapped in brown paper, for donations as well. We also had an item of puzzles to solve, in keeping with the idea that cancer is a puzzle to be investigated, unlocked, and solved.”

With many of their loved ones having battled or in the process of battling cancer, Su and Margie and guests honoured them in a very special way on the night.

“A blackboard honoured friends and relations who either succumbed to, were in treatment for, or in remission from cancer.”
A big thank you to these lovely ladies for such an incredible effort! We look forward to seeing you again next year!