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Forkstar’s travel over 2,900kms to Fork Cancer

Friends and family united together under the stars at Redcliffe Station, Burra to raise funds towards cancer research through The Longest Table.

Forkstar duo Jodi and Jane hosted their Longest Table on Saturday 27 July, in honour of those who’ve lost their lives to this heartbreaking disease.

“At the time of signing up to The Longest Table I had a friend who was nearing the end of a long battle with cancer. Unfortunately, she died the following week,” Jodi said.

“Liz was my third good friend to succumb to cancer – I felt so sad and helpless. Then I came across The Longest Table and realised that this was something positive I could do. Myself and my good friend Jane jumped straight on board, as her father has been battling cancer for many years.

“We hosted a lunch at Redcliffe which morphed into dinner, overnight accommodation and breakfast the next morning.”

Jodi and Jane’s guests travelled a combined total of 2,925kms to attend an Outback Gourmet Lunch, their menu inspired around bush cooking with a gourmet edge.

“We didn’t take ourselves too seriously with the cooking, hence our forkin’ menu! All the cooking on the day needed to be done without power so we relied on gas roasters, bush barbeques and camp ovens.”

Together, Jodi and Jane raised an incredible $2,200 towards cancer research!

Like you, Jodi and Jane want to see an end to this heartbreaking disease.

“It’s hard to put into words what a future free of cancer means. For our generation and generations to come not to have to continually bear the brunt of this insidious disease in all its forms would be forkin’ amazing,” Jodi said.

“Families are turned upside down when a family member is undergoing treatment. Hosting a Longest Table is my way of honouring those we’ve lost to cancer.”