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#ForkCancer with these fundraising tips!

Here at TLT HQ, we’re all about raising as much funds as possible to go towards lifesaving research and patient care. There are a few fun and simple ways you can help #ForkCancer, while getting your guests involved in the fun! After all, you can’t spell ‘fundraising’ without ‘fun’!


🤝​ Get your local community involved

Ask local businesses to sponsor your Longest Table, offer donations of fresh produce to cook for your guests or supplies to make your night even more amazing! You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help!

🍷​ Build a wine wall

If you’ve got a big cellar of wines stashed away and want to offload some, wrap each bottle in newspaper and ask your friends to buy a bottle at a set price (e.g. $20). It’s a lucky dip and an even better way to raise money but also supply the drinks for the night!

🎁​ Host an auction

For bigger events, host an auction! There’s always one outgoing friend who is happy to take the reins and start the bidding for auction items. Ask your guests, local businesses, or your network to kindly donate an auction item and get bidding!

🎫​ Rally your network for a lifesaving raffle!

This year, we’ve added raffle tickets to your Goodie Bag to make hosting a raffle even easier! Ask local businesses to donate a prize, sell the tickets and draw the winners at your Longest Table.

😄​ Chat to your boss

Ask your employer to support your incredible fundraising efforts by matching the funds you raise. Make sure to remind them that company donations are tax deductible!

🍬​ How many lollies are in the jar?

It’s a classic game for a reason! Fill a jar with lollies of your choice and set a price for your guests to enter. Write down their guesses, and at the end of your Longest Table give the closest person to the real number the jar of lollies.

💬 Ask, Ask, Ask!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to just ask! People are more than willing to give to a good cause. Share your personal host page with your friends and on social media and remind them to donate, even if they can’t make it on the night.


If you need any more support or even want to talk through an idea with us, we’re here for you! Please don’t hesitate to get in touch by contacting our friendly team at  / 08 8244 1100. Let’s #ForkCancer together!