Top Fundraising Tips

Get the ball rolling – Donate to Yourself

If you’re committed to ending cancer, show your friends you are ready to get the fundraising started by making the first donation. Statistics show that people who donate themselves make twice as much as people who dont. And that’s what we all want isn’t it – to raise money to fight cancer!

Share your story

The best way to make sure your Longest Table is a success is to get the support of as many people as you can. Think about why you’re holding a Longest Table; do you want to help find a cure for cancer? Then tell your friends what motivates you and why. Share your story and ask them for their support.

Game on!

Along with your forkin’ good menu, you can dial up the fun and raise even more money with simple games like Heads or Tails, and True or False.
Have you got some prizes donated? Why not sell raffle tickets! Get your friends to part with their small change and you could end up with a bonus donation straight away!

Plus one…or two, three or four!

Encourage your friends to bring a plus one (or two, three or four!) to your Longest Table – double the friends doubles your donations straight away!

Don’t be afraid to ask again…

We know your friends and family want to support you and help to #forkcancer but they need reminding. Share your personal story online and tell them why it’s important to you that they donate. Don’t forget to thank your friends for donating by sending them an extra-special thank you.



Get your local community involved

Ask local businesses to sponsor your Longest Table or offer donations of fresh produce and supplies. To make it easier to ask businesses to be involved, we’ve put together a special letter for you to share with them. Download it from your Dashboard.

Fundraise-PicTalk to your boss

Ask your employer to support your fundraising efforts by matching the funda you raise. Remind your boss that company donations are tax deductible.

Winning Wine

If you’ve got a big cellar and want to offload some wine, wrap each bottle in newspaper and ask your friends to buy a bottle at a set price (e.g. $20). It’s a lucky dip and an even better way to raise money but also supply the drinks for the night.

Don’t forget you have a bunch of tools to help with your fundraising in your Goodie Bag and on the Useful Tools page.