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Host Hero Lorelei’s 1920’s Murder Mystery Longest Table

Our Host Hero Lorelei Thomas has smashed her fundraising target again this year! Hosting for a fourth year in a row, Lorelei held her dinner on Friday June 15 and raised an incredible $10,200 towards lifesaving cancer research!

Lorelei’s efforts over four years has brought her total fundraising amount to an amazing $25,000!

Lorelei’s motivation for hosting each year begins with her family. Lorelei’s sister thankfully survived breast cancer, her life saved from advancements made as a direct result of research. Her brother’s life was unfortunately cut short from brain cancer.

“I don’t believe there is a family around that has not been touched in some way from this insidious disease. I support The Hospital Research Foundation and The Longest Table because I know the funds I raise go directly towards lifesaving cancer research,” Lorelei said.

Each year Lorelei’s efforts top the last, this year the theme of her dinner was Murder at The Parisian Cat Jazz in the 1920’s.

“I organised a murder mystery which worked really well, all the guests got into character and everyone came in their best 1920’s outfit – even the hairdressers in town were booked out with styling 1920’s hair,” Lorelei said.

“I decorated the room with Great Gatsby style decorations and I even had a French-style menu!”

Living in the town of Bright, Victoria, each year local businesses generously donate to Lorelei’s Longest Table including tables, chairs and prizes for her 40 guests.

“There were prizes for best dressed, best actor and actress in the murder mystery and prizes for those who correctly identified the murderer.”

Once again Lorelei continues her efforts to #forkcancer and this year was no exception.

“If we can raise funds to help our researchers find cures and treatments that would stop the pain and suffering for people and their families then that would be amazing.”