How you’re helping

During the time you have your friends over for dinner 61 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is one of the most heartbreaking diseases affecting Australian families. With your support, we are finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for common cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, bowel cancer, skin cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer and many more.

We’ve all been touched by the big C. By hosting a The Longest Table you are helping save lives of your own family and friends from cancer.

Your Impact

Your impact

  1. Your support will help find new treatments for breast cancer, including those with no targeted treatments such as triple negative breast cancer. In one exciting project, our researchers are investigating how our own cancer fighting T cells in the body can be used to treat completely inoperable tumours.
  2. You are helping our researchers combat lung cancer through the development of technology to improve remission rates.
  3. You are helping our researchers find out why having type 2 diabetes personally or having a close relative with the disease may be the most significant risk for developing bowel cancer.  Our researchers are also developing a new therapy for bowel cancer that has spread to the liver, which is generally not suitable for surgery.
  4. Your support is helping our research teams detect limit the spread of prostate cancer.

Our researchers are investigating why some prostate cancer tumours are more aggressive than others, to save more lives.

Every dollar raised helps save lives from cancer

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$20 can help fund vital lab equipment for our breast and prostate cancer prevention and treatment research teams.

$50 can help support a PhD student working on vital breast, prostate, bowel, ovarian or skin cancer research projects.

$100 will help enable more personalised treatments for breast & prostate cancer.

$250 can help our researchers explore new treatments and find a way of stopping the spread of the most common blood cancers including leukaemia and lymphoma.

$500 can help fund the development of a gel that uses our own immune system to fight inoperable breast, prostate and brain cancer tumours.

$1200 will provide vital funds to ensure a project looking to stop the spread of bowel cancer can continue to save lives– an Australian-first therapy!

$2000 can help support research into finding a new target for blocking the growth and spread of prostate and breast cancer.

$5000 can support vital research into developing the first targeted treatment for triple negative breast cancer, the most aggressive type affecting women with no current targeted treatment available.

$10,000 can provide vital funds to support research projects dedicated to better understanding and aid in the development of preventative treatment for breast prostate, bowel, and skin and brain cancer.

Funds you raise will support cancer research through:

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is finding cures and improving care for everyday Australians by supporting research into a variety of diseases and illnesses; cancer research is a major focus.

For every $1 raised at your Longest Table, The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) provides over $4 in grants to lifesaving cancer research and patient care. This is because THRF’s administration costs are covered by its commercial business activities (such as its lottery program). You can feel proud knowing the money you raise makes an even bigger impact to help save lives from cancer!

Here you can read more about the amazing research currently underway in the labs as well as how medical research has improved the lives of the many hosts who have chosen to #forkcancer.

The Hospital Research Foundation beneficiary The Longest Table

#forkcancer with your own immune system

PhD student Namfon (Bee) Pantarat

Your Longest Table is making a difference by supporting lifesaving research to boost our body’s own immune system to fight the most common cancers affecting Australian families. Thank you.

PhD student Namfon (Bee) Pantarat

Become a host and together we will #forkcancer.

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