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During the time you have your friends over for dinner 61 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer is one of the most heartbreaking diseases affecting Australian families. With your support, we are finding better treatments and ultimately a cure for common cancers like breast cancer, prostate cancer, bowel cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, oesophageal cancer and many more.

We’ve all been touched by the big C. By hosting a The Longest Table you are helping save lives of your own family and friends from cancer.

A World-First Clinical Trial to #forkcancer

Your dinner with friends is truly making a difference supporting research such as a world-first clinical trial for patients with advanced melanoma, the most heartbreaking form of skin cancer.

Can you imagine if your own immune system could fight cancer?! Medical Oncologist at the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) and Centre for Cancer Biology Professor Michael Brown is tackling this idea head on, testing a new therapy in six patients with melanoma that as spread through the body.

This exciting research is re-training the immune system to attack and destroy advanced melanoma by personalising treatments for each patient in the trial using their own T Cells (a type of white blood cell).

With your support, this trial can continue and even has the potential to progress to other areas of cancer such as sarcoma and lung cancer. Let’s save lives!

Professor Michael Brown

100% of the funds you raise will support cancer research through:

The Hospital Research Foundation (THRF) is finding cures and improving care for everyday Australians by supporting research into a variety of diseases and illnesses; cancer research is a major focus.

Here you can read more about the amazing research currently underway in the labs as well as how medical research has improved the lives of the many hosts who have chosen to #forkcancer.

The Hospital Research Foundation beneficiary The Longest Table

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