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Lifesaving Prostate Cancer Research Thanks To You

When you host a Longest Table you are supporting researchers who are dedicated to saving lives.

Researchers like Professor Doug Brooks who is conducting lifesaving research to improve the way prostate cancer patients are diagnosed and treated.

Currently, prostate cancer is detected through a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test, but doctors are unable to confirm through PSA levels how aggressive the cancer is, resulting in stress and uncertainty for patients and their loved ones.

Prof Brooks is determined to prevent this, now using a 3D Scanner to progress his research that will help eliminate the chance of misdiagnosis and improve outcomes for men and their families.

“The 3D scanner will help us to change the way men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and will eliminate the chances of misdiagnosis through PSA levels, enabling doctors to choose the correct treatment method for individual patients.”

The state-of-the-art imaging machine takes approximately 40,000 images per tissue sample, which is then pieced together to produce a high quality image allowing the prostate cancer to be easily detected. Amazing right!

“This groundbreaking technology enables us to be one step closer to better diagnosis and treatment methods for men suffering with prostate cancer. This has never been done before,” Prof Brooks said.

This exciting research could also go on to improve diagnosis of treatment of other common cancers affecting our community.

You can help Prof Brooks and his team revolutionise the way clinicians and doctors diagnose and treat prostate cancer and other common cancer. Sign up today to host a Longest Table.