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Low-key ways to host your Longest Table

Hosting a Longest Table can be as simple as you like! It’s about turning fun with your mates into lifesaving funds to fight cancer. 😍😍😍

Whether your event is in the comfort of your own home or you’re hitting the town with your friends, we can all do our bit to raise vital funds to #ForkCancer! ✨

​Karaoke night🎤​

Gather your pals together, turn up your favourite tunes and get your singing voice ready! Host your singalong at home or head out to town – the choice is yours.

We even have the perfect karaoke playlist over on our Spotify ready for your get-together!

Pizza party 🍕​

Invite your friends over for a pizza party! Chop up all topping favourites (yes, even pineapple) and encourage everyone to get creative and make their own pizza. Vote on the tastiest slice and settle once and for all the best flavour combo!

Group fitness party ​💪​

No table? No worries. Host a group fitness party and set a challenge all your friends can get involved in. Your challenge can be as simple as a leisurely walk by the Torrens on a Sunday, or a boot camp to get your heart rate up and feel the burn.

Barrack for your team! 👏​

Invite your friends or family around for the Friday night game. Make sure you’ve got snacks at the ready and plenty of accessible ways to fundraise!

Check out our blog on fundraising tips for inspiration!

After work drinks 🥂​

Let’s face it, your colleagues were probably heading out for a drink after work anyway… so why not turn your typical Friday night into a fundraising event that will help in the fight against cancer?

Movie marathon 📽️​

Popcorn at the ready! Host a movie night with your favourite sweet and salty snacks and put on a few crowd-pleaser movies. Bonus points if you can sit by a fire to keep warm and toasty for the night!

Quiz night ❓​

Who doesn’t enjoy a quiz night? Find a quiz everyone can get involved in or get creative and make your own!

Host a high tea ☕​

There’s no combination quite like a scone, cream, jam and a cup of tea. Celebrate the ladies in your life by bringing them together for a classy afternoon that would even make the Queen jealous.

Sausage sizzle 🌭

The simplest get togethers are often the best! Ask your mates to bring sausages, fry some onion and fundraise to #ForkCancer! This Longest Table is best paired with sport.

Check out our Aussie BBQ playlist on Spotify for some inspiration!


Please reach out to our friendly team if you need help or assistance in planning your Longest Table! Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (08) 8244 1100.

We are so excited to see how you #ForkCancer! ​✨​