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Magin Family Forks Cancer!

Cassie Magin’s family has been touched by cancer too many times. Now, they’re joining together to #forkcancer!

“Late in 2018 I lost my dad to throat cancer. He was diagnosed just three weeks earlier. Had he not had a heart issue he may have had some hope, but because he already had a weak heart, he couldn’t undergo chemotherapy.

“I was holding his hand when he passed away on October 6 – I will never forget that moment.”

Cassie’s family has also endured her step-mum passing away from ovarian cancer in 2007, her uncle passing away from cancer aged only 32, her grandpa lost to cancer the year before she was born, and her granny has been battling cancer for the past 10 years.

“I worry that my children and nieces and nephews will lose me and my siblings, the same way we’ve lost our parents. But with advances in medical research, there is hope.”Cassie has invited her whole family to help her fork cancer on Saturday 10 August.

“We’re planning a traditional family roast, with lost of Don McLean and Elvis playing!

“Our favourite family times always revolved around meals. The TV would go off and the vinyl records would go on.

“We will reserve seats at the table for dad and Trish (my step-mum).

“A future free of cancer would mean families get to stay together longer, and family means more to me than anything else.

“A future free of cancer is a future with a lot less sadness.”