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Meet our ambassadors!

It’s time to meet our incredible cancer fighting ambassadors for our 10-year anniversary of The Longest Table! 😍​😍😍

Our ambassadors are joining the fight for a future free from cancer by hosting their own Longest Table events, coming together with their friends and family to enjoy delicious food and raise funds for research!!

Hayley and Lauren – Adelady

The Adelady girls, Hayley and Lauren, are back for their SIXTH year as ambassadors for The Longest Table! ✨ Together, our bright and bubbly duo have raised an incredible $250,000 for Australian Breast Cancer Research alongside their partner G-Fresh. 🎗️

“This year, we want our event to be BIGGER and BETTER than ever… but we also want all of you to join the fight with us! If you’re thinking of registering as a host for your own Longest Table, you won’t regret it – it’s such a fun way to raise money for a fantastic cause!”

Will McDonald – Channel 9 news presenter

In the midst of his career as Adelaide’s Channel 9 news presenter, Will was given a life-changing prostate cancer diagnosis. Early in his journey, he was given frank news about his diagnosis: it is incurable. He would only ever be in remission. But with his unbreakable positivity, he wasn’t about to accept that outlook. With medical research, Will knows he has hope.

Elle McDonald – Adelaide Thunderbirds superstar

We’re excited to welcome Elle McDonald, the dynamic Adelaide Thunderbirds player, to #ForkCancer!! Elle is a fighter on the court in her role as wing attack and centre, and we know she will be bringing that same fighting grit and determination to raise funds for cancer prevention, detection, treatment and eventually, a cure! 🥊​

Megan Potter – Beauty Guru

Megan is our latest ambassador to join after she was announced as SA Woman of the Year Award in the Rise Up category for her influence as a triple threat beauty therapist, makeup artist and personal stylist! Like most of us, Megan has loved ones whose lives have been affected by cancer. That’s why she’s going to #ForkCancer by getting together with her friends and family to enjoy a bite to eat and fundraise for lifesaving research.

Trish Fuss – Breast cancer survivor

Trish is a fighter! At 46 years old she was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. Fortunately, after a course of aggressive treatments, Trish received the greatest news of all; she was cured. Now, Trish is determined to see research continue to save the lives of others diagnosed with this heartbreaking disease.

Sarah Waldron – Fighting for her loved ones

Sarah’s motivation to host a Longest Table each year is personal. Unfortunately, her mother is battling breast cancer, her father is undergoing treatment for skin cancer and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in his bowel and her 30-year-old brother had his eye removed two years ago from a rare optical melanoma. Coming into her fourth year of hosting, Sarah is determined to raise more lifesaving funds to stop the heartbreak of cancer

Kathryn Hudson – Cancer researcher

Having worked in medical research for over 20 years, Kathryn knows just how vital the funds you raise are in helping our researchers find a cure and improve treatments for cancer. Over the years, Kathryn has grown her events to include themes and raffles to encourage donations from her guests.

“Have fun with it! Keep your Longest Table within your comfort zone, people are there to support a cause you believe in.”

Brenton Jolly – Dedicated supporter

Brenton is a Longest Table professional, having hosted every year since our inception 10 years ago. Having had loved ones touched by cancer, Brenton sees The Longest Table as a great way to give to a good cause whilst having fun at the same time.

Paula Vidale – Fighting for change

Paula is passionate about finding a cure for cancer. Her first Longest Table was in 2020 when she hosted a small lunch at home with close friends to celebrate the birthday of a friend who has been battling cancer for over 20 years. Sadly in 2021, this friend lost her battle to this heartbreaking disease, making her Longest Table efforts even more meaningful.

Mia Vidale – Entertaining her way to a cure

Mia is passionate about making a difference in our community. Together, with her mother Paula (featured above) and her cousin Haylee Faggionato, the Vidale family are dedicated to honouring their close family friend who lost her battle with cancer. With a love for entertaining and so many supportive friends and family donating food and prizes, hosting a Longest Table was easy!

Will you join our incredible ambassadors for a fun-filled evening? Together, we can fight for a future free from cancer. 🎉

And remember, 100% of donations go directly towards The Hospital Research Foundation Group to help fight cancer through better prevention, detection and treatment for all our loved ones fighting this heartbreaking disease.

Register today!