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Our 2019 Golden Fork Winners Announced

This year, our judges were faced with the some of the most difficult decisions to date with so many strong contenders! In fact, the standard was so high in some cases we couldn’t pick – so we have awarded more than one winner.

Congratulations to the following hosts for their outstanding efforts!


Highest Fundraiser

Delia Matthews

Second Highest Fundraiser

Trish Fuss

Third Highest Fundraiser

Sarah Waldron


Highest Corporate Fundraiser 

Adelady & G-Fresh

Second Highest Corporate Fundraiser 

Colorectal Surgery

Third Highest Corporate Fundraiser 

City of Charles Sturt


Exceptional First-Time Host

Diana Dente


Snap & Win

Best Theme

AB FAB – Michelle Mackman

Michelle's Longest Table

Hero & Villains – Julia Strawbridge

Julia's Longest Table

Best Photo

Jodi Lehmann

Jodi Longest Table

Best Costumes

Deb Swansson

Deb Swansson

Warren Rankine

Warren Longest Table

Most Enticing Menu

Eloise Praino

Eloise Longest Table

Brenton Jolly

Brenton Longest Table

Consistant Forkstar Awards

Brenton Jolly
Bruce Amos
Cheryl McLaughlin
Geoff Barber
Julia Strawbridge
Karina Taylor
Kathryn Hudson
Leia Watts
Lisa Quinn
Lorelei Thomas
Narelle Mancini
Nicola Cowley
Renee Bell
Shontell Barrett
Stephen Mayfield
Sue Coutts
Warren Rankine