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A Pizza Lunch for a Very Loved Dad

One of our top fundraisers for the year, Rebecca De Cicco hosted her Longest Table for her beloved dad who is battling Multiple Myeloma.

“My father was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in October 2016. It was a heartbreaking situation, our family were shocked and uncertain as we had no knowledge or awareness of this type of cancer,” Rebecca said.

“It was a shocking situation my family had to deal with and especially my father who had been an otherwise healthy man.

“The Longest Table was a way for me to share my dad’s story and to draw and raise awareness for Multiple Myeloma, as it is so rare and generally not spoken about. It enabled me to bring together family and friends to discuss something we all needed to know more about, while supporting my father through this tough time.”

Rebecca had over 40 people attend her Longest Table pizza day, where she held a raffle and an auction to raise over a forktastic $6,200 for cancer research.

“We started off by only inviting a small number of people and hosting an intimate lunch, but in the end we had over 40 people who wanted to attend to support my dad, my family and the cause.

“It was a great day and although the reasoning for hosting wasn’t one we asked for, we found it comforting to be together, family and friends, supporting my dad and spending time with him while we deal with the next steps.”

Blown away by the support of her family and friends for her Longest Table, Rebecca hopes her incredible effort will see researchers develop more treatments and an ultimate cure for all types of cancer.

“I hate cancer. There are so many different types and I hope that the funds we raise find new treatments and opportunities for longer periods of remission for all who suffer this horrible disease.

“Based on my knowledge and research I can now say that without cancer it would be a different life because people like my father would have more time to enjoy family, friends and experiences in life. A life without cancer is one which I would like to live through.

“To me, a future free of cancer means I can share my life longer with those I love and create beautiful memories with them for as long as possible.”

Thank you Rebecca for your amazing efforts, 100 per cent of the funds raised from The Longest Table will help fight cancer to prevent the heartbreak it brings to so many.