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Q&A with Megan Potter!

A big warm welcome to our latest ambassador, Megan Potter! 🎉🎉🎉 Megan is a triple threat beauty therapist, makeup artist and personal stylist with a successful organic skincare business! Megan is joining us for our 10-year anniversary to fight for her loved ones whose lives have been affected by cancer with an event her guests will never forget… she’s going to #ForkCancer by hosting a lavish three course dinner at Adelaide Zoo, starting with tiger feeding and a unique wildlife experience!! 🤩​🤩​🤩​

Can you tell us about yourself and your organic skin care, hair care and makeup business?

I’m Megan Potter and I own and operate Megan Potter Pty Ltd with my cousin and business partner Mandy Hawtin. I have a beauty therapy background and am passionate about certified organic products. Not only are they fantastic for our skin but they’re also guaranteed sustainable so they’re good for the planet too. I thoroughly enjoy giving back to the community and had a short stint volunteering at Look Good Feel Better, where I helped teach cancer patients how to manage the appearance related side-effects caused by treatment for any type of cancer.

Why have you decided to join as an ambassador to #ForkCancer?

The main reason for becoming an ambassador is to support those I love that are currently fighting or have fought cancer. My cousin and business partner Mandy Hawtin and I lost our Nana to cancer many years ago and we have created a fragrance in her honour. I also have a dear friend currently fighting cancer and I really had no idea how I could help her – so when I was asked to help raise money for cancer research, I thought it was the perfect idea.

How has cancer impacted your life?

I have seen several loved one’s fight cancer, some successfully!

What would you say to, or how would you support someone who has found out their loved one has been diagnosed with cancer?

I would offer a hug and ask how I can help. Everyone needs to be supported in different ways and they have their own way of coping. Asking how you can help (instead of guessing) is what I’ve found to be most effective.

What is your goal for your Longest Table in 2022?

My goal is to raise awareness for cancer research – the only way we will ever find a cure is with continual research. We need to raise as much money as possible to make a difference. My goal is to raise $5,000 but I would love to smash that out the park!

Have you got any ideas on what you will do for your Longest Table? Are you a secret wiz in the kitchen?

I am hosting a lavish dinner at the Adelaide Zoo on August 27th. We will start with a tiger feeding experience, followed by a 3-course meal. There will also be a Wild life experience with a zoo keeper during the evening. I really want it to be a fantastic event that people will remember.

If you could say one thing to someone considering donating to your Longest Table or hosting an event of their own, what would you say?

Do it! Do it for your loved ones and do it for yourself. Give back to your community and raise money for a worthy cause.


Want to help Megan in her fight to find cures and #ForkCancer? Buy a ticket to her unique Adelaide Zoo dining experience here! If you can’t make it to her wildlife themed Longest Table, you can still donate and help Megan reach her fundraising goal of $5000! ✨✨