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Rising above a shock cancer diagnosis

Nat Hodgson and her family’s world was shaken after her loving mother, Chris was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 pancreatic cancer. This is Nat’s motivation for hosting a Longest Table in 2020.

“After only retiring in July 2019 following 53 years of nursing and with many plans in sight for her ‘spare time’, it all came to a halt when mum was diagnosed,” Nat said.

“There is still so much unknown about varying types of cancer, pancreatic being one of them so I thought why not bring together all of mums support network for some fun, laughter and frivolity whilst raising money for a great cause,” Nat said.

This will be Nat’s first Longest Table and she’s organised her mother’s support network of family and friends to come together around her famous grazing platters to fork cancer.

“I’m not much of a cook but I LOVE platters and grazing tables so I thought I could use my passion and host a grazing table and bring everyone together to celebrate life, happiness and great food,” Nat said.

“I’m hosting at mum’s place in Strathalbyn where anyone she has invited is welcome to come and enjoy all that is on offer. The decorations will be themed purple as this is the colour pancreatic cancer is represented by.

“We want to celebrate coming together, life, love and gratitude so I’ve asked those coming to bring positive vibes, a smile and wear something that makes them feel amazing!”

Nat will be raising funds by asking people for a donation on the day, hoping her donation will play a part in finding treatments and cures for all cancers.

“No matter how big or small, all proceeds will be going to The Hospital Research Foundation to hopefully find treatments for these types of cancers,” Nat said.

“Whilst I am sad my mum has her diagnosis and is gallantly trying to beat it; I want our days to be focused on what we actually have to be grateful for. If we live our days focusing on mum’s diagnosis, we will constantly be upset.

“I want to embrace the time we have with brightness and positivity, the amazing family we have and the love we hold for each and every one, that is what is beautiful and that is what we have to be thankful for.

“Whilst cancer is around we can’t let it ruin our life and we have to do what we can to get more funds for research so those in the future that are struck by this horrible disease have greater options.”

Pictured above: Chris (middle) with her daughters (L-R) Fiona, Tracey and Nat.