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Rossana is Celebrating the Brave!

Working at The Hospital Research Foundation made Rossana Scarsella more aware of the dedicated medical researchers working to find a cure for cancer.

“I believe if we can all contribute by donating what we can to medical research we will have a better chance of finding cures sooner rather than later,” Rossana said.

Rossana will be hosting 80 people at her Longest Table at Wholly Belly in Norwood on 27 July; naming her event ‘Celebrate the Brave’. Guests will enjoy antipasto platters, all-you-can-eat wood fired pizzas, and a selection of yummy treats for dessert.

“Celebrate the Brave is a dinner for family and friends to come together and enjoy each other’s company and have fun whilst raising money for a worthy cause.

“I am hosting a Longest Table because both family and friends have had the unfortunate experience of cancer, and a very close friend lost her battle earlier this year.”

Rossana will be raising money for cancer research through tickets sales, an auction, a door prize, and some great games!

“A future free of cancer would mean a happy and healthy life for everyone and no more suffering for cancer patients; I believe that would be a dream come true for everyone.”