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Sarah’s Fight for Her Family

The word cancer is no stranger to Sarah Waldron and her loving family, which is why she’s determined to fork cancer by hosting a Longest Table.

With no family history of cancer, Sarah’s father, mother and brother have all been devastated by a cancer diagnosis, which has been both difficult and heartbreaking for the tight-knit family.

Unfortunately, Sarah’s dad is currently undergoing treatment for skin cancer and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in his bowel, her 29-year-old brother had his eye removed two years ago from a rare optical melanoma and just this year her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“My whole family has been affected by cancer and they have and still are struggling while I’m on the sidelines. By hosting a Longest Table this is my way of helping them,” Sarah said.

With this motivation behind her, Sarah is determined to raise lifesaving funds towards cancer research by hosting a sold-out dinner for 80 people, with raffles and silent auctions.

Thanks to the goodwill of the community, Sarah has received a huge amount of support for her event, including prizes donated by social media influencer Elle Ferguson and Georg, founder of children’s brand Winnie Dot.

“I cannot believe the support we’ve received from so many businesses, big and small who are donating prizes, food and drinks for the night,” Sarah said.

“It goes to show cancer has a huge effect on everyone, even if it’s indirect, there are so many people out there who know at least one person who has or is going through cancer.”

A future free from cancer would mean everything to Sarah and her family. It would mean that other families wouldn’t have to go through the heartbreak Sarah and her family have endured for many years.

“If we could end cancer it would mean my family and other families could life stress free. The treatments, the stress and anxiety, the day to day worries would all disappear. Every dollar raised helps! I am making sure I go above and beyond to raise as much money for The Longest Table as I can so one day I can say I helped end the heartbreak of cancer.”