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Sean’s Big Aussie Bogan Bash to Fork Cancer

Sean knows the devastating impact of a cancer diagnosis; he was diagnosed with Stage 4, T Cell, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2017. This, and seeing too many loved ones affected by cancer is what motivates him each year to raise funds to #ForkCancer! 

This year marks the third year Sean has been part of The Longest Table and along with his parents he co-hosted a ‘Big Aussie Bogan Bash’ on the official night, Saturday 23 July 

“I feel it’s important for people to come together and help fight this horrible disease. This year my mother lost two beautiful friends to cancer and has others currently fighting it,” Sean said. 

“This year we really wanted to have something simple yet fun. We really wanted to be present with our guests and enjoy the night, so we did a simple sausage sizzle, party pies and sausage rolls with Coopers and TRG Transport kindly donated the beer. 

“We also screened an Aussie classic – The Castle movie in the garage! 

“For fundraising, we played various games with a gold coin donation per turn, the games included throw the thong into the eski, toss the hoop on to the wine bottle and throw the hoop on to the carton. We also held a raffle.” 

In total, Sean, along with his parents raised $1,000 which was DOUBLED thanks to the generosity of a corporate sponsor on the night, bringing his total to $2,000! 

“These donations are all hopefully leading towards a future free from cancer,” Sean said. 

“Cancer causes so many lives to be turned upside down. It doesn’t discriminate and it’s very sad when it takes the ones you love. A future without cancer would mean everything to me – not having to look over my shoulder or get nervous at the slightest sign of illness or pain.” 

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Sean opens up about his cancer journey below: 

“Late in 2017 I felt a lump in my groin, and I also had a small pimple on my inner thigh. I was given antibiotics on the Friday and told to go to the doctor if it grew bigger. By the Monday it had almost tripled in size, and I felt quite unwell. 

By Wednesday I was in hospital having the suspicious lump taken out and I was extremely sick. I was discharged from hospital that afternoon and back in hospital Thursday, collapsing at the window in the emergency department, where I was rushed in. 

I spent the next 10 days in hospital having tests only to find I had Stage 4, T Cell, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Without treatment I was given four months, with successful treatment I was given 20% of seeing five years, then if I made it through a successful stem cell transplant, I had 80% chance of seeing beyond five years.  

That was in 2018 and I am still going strong. The chemo and treatment did however take its toll and I subsequently lost my job and could not work. Only recently I went back to work after two years of getting back on track and I’ve never felt better.”