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Soozie’s #forkingcancer for her Friends

Soozie Sanderson’s Longest Table was filled with her close friends, but it was missing one– Glenda who was undergoing an operation the exact day for bowel cancer.

Sadly, Soozie has seen the devastating impact cancer has on people who are closest to her, seeing it firsthand, affecting some of her closest friends.

Being part of The Longest Table and hosting her own lunch is one of the ways Soozie felt she was able to help raise vital funds for this disease too close to her heart.

“I wanted to host a Longest Table to contribute towards raising these funds to help our researchers discover better treatments methods and hopefully save lives,” Soozie said.

Holding her Longest Table at Club Marion, Soozie shared a bittersweet lunch and being reminded of why raising funds towards this heartbreaking disease is so important.

“Cancer is a horrible disease and I’ve seen too many close friends be affected by it. It destroys lives and this is my way of contributing towards saving lives.”

Thank you Soozie for helping to #forkcancer and raising money towards vital research!