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Swapping The Lab for The Kitchen – Sarah’s Longest Table

Breast cancer researcher Sarah Kiley (Boyle) knows how important events like The Longest Table are, which is why this Saturday July 21 she’ll be swapping the lab for the kitchen and hosting her own!

“I’m a cancer researcher at the Centre for Cancer Biology, of which many laboratories including our own receive support and funding from The Hospital Research Foundation,” Sarah said.

“I decided to host a Longest Table to help raise funds, but also because it’s fun! It’s a great excuse to get friends together and enjoy the food, drinks and company.”

Hosting a Longest Table lunch with a twist, Sarah’s theme for the event is ‘Just the Dips’ with guests instructed to bring any type of food they can dip into!

“I was sitting around with some friends brainstorming ideas for the theme, and we were playing around with the idea of a fondue party. After thinking that may be too restrictive we thought ‘Why only fondue? Why not anything you can dip into?’”

From there the idea was born! Sarah is encouraging her guests to bring anything from a gravy fountain that schnitzel bites could be dipped into, through to arancini balls, cob loaf dip, cheese fondue and chocolate!

Working as a cancer researcher and having lost a number of family members of her own to the devastating disease, Sarah is ready to say a big fork you to cancer.

“Having a number of family members affected by cancer, including breast cancer, it has always been a driver for me in my career, to help make a difference,” she said.

“I see not only how difficult cancer can be to research, but also the impact it can have on patients and their families. The benefits of a future free of cancer cannot be put into words.”

Sarah Kiley