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Tania’s Passion to Beat Cancer

“Cancer has been an active and vicious part of our family for as long as I can remember.”

Sadly Tania Pradun knows all too well the devastation cancer brings, having lost too many family members of her own to the disease. But she’s determined to see an end to the heartbreak cancer brings. Back for her third year, Tania is forking ready to give cancer the middle finger.

“My dad died when I was 20. Throat cancer took him, he was 47-years-old. I was the first person in my group of friends that lost a parent and it was difficult to cope with but I thought it was just a sad and unfortunately one-off.”

Sadly it wasn’t, Tania then lost her beloved Oma to multiple myeloma followed by two of her uncles and father in-law who were all also diagnosed with various forms of cancer.

“My Oma was given 12 months to wrap up her affair, she took that as a dare and outrun the cancer for nine years.

“My Uncle Arthur died the day before I went into labour with my youngest son. Pancreatic cancer had eaten him away and his loss hit our family hard.

“Next up was my father-in-law. He had a tumour in his sinus. Mucosal Melanoma was the name of his executor and by now the hatred I have for cancer had intensified like a white-hot, internal fury.

“Uncle Marcel was the third person in my mum’s family to die of cancer. His liver was riddled with it before it metastasised to his lungs.”

Determined to raise as much money as she can to fight cancer, Tania who owns local Adelaide business Amazing Grazers, will have all things cheese wine and fun at her Longest Table at the East Borough Eatery.

“My Longest Grazing Table will bring together all my favourite things. Excellent quality food. Lots of it. Shared with everyone. It’s the perfect recipe for generosity,” Tania said.

“Each table I have hosted has been themed according to a song with a poignant connection to the cancer battle. This year the theme is “Here Comes the Sun” and guests will be asked to dress with a touch of sunshine.”

Tania hopes by doing her part to raise vital funds for research, her sons will grow up in a world where cancer doesn’t claim the lives of those they love.

“Imagine a future where my children can say to their children ‘When I was a boy, cancer was almost an epidemic. We lost many people in our family to that horrific disease but thanks to people like your Oma raising money to help fund vital research, it’s now a preventable and treatable illness that you kids don’t need to worry about.”

Help Tania make cancer a thing of the past by hosting your own Longest Table Dinner any time until the end of July!