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Taryn Brumfitt’s new mission to raise funds for cancer research

Taryn Brumfitt embraces life and knows how precious it is, which is why she’s thrilled to be an Ambassador for The Longest Table and help us #BitetoFight against cancer!

Helping others is a core value for Taryn, who is an Australian writer, body image activist and founder of the Body Image Movement in 2012; she is also well-known for her 2016 documentary called Embrace, a documentary exploring the global issue of body loathing.

As someone who’s already fighting for our community’s wellbeing through her inspiring mission, she’s now joining the fight against cancer by hosting a Longest Table!

“Sadly, like most people, I have too many connections to cancer. My first experience was in High School when my best friends mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was beyond devastating and she unfortunately passed away,” Taryn said.

“Since then, I’ve known many people affected by cancer, including my Producer and Co-Producer of Embrace who both courageously fought – and won the battle – against cancer during our film production.”

Taryn says she’s wants to do her bit for cancer research and for her Longest Table, is planning a lunch in the office with her colleagues.
“The great thing about hosting a Longest Table is there are almost no rules! Given I’m mid-moving houses and have boxes everywhere, entertaining at home unfortunately isn’t an option for me,” Taryn said.

“So, we’re taking over the courtyard at my office, ordering sushi, having a sneaky glass of wine during the day and asking our work colleagues to drop in, donate and have a bite to eat!

“We’ve all got to do our bit, especially for a disease as insidious as cancer. Hosting a table is fun, it brings people together and if like me, you are a little time poor, there’s other ways you can still host and raise funds!”

Register today to host your own Longest Table