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The BHI’s Longest Lunch Table

On 24 July, our friends at the Basil Hetzel Institute for Translational Health Research (BHI) will come together to fork cancer!

“As researchers, we understand there are so many complex causes to cancer. Honestly, a future free of cancer seems unimaginable, however, any small steps forward that can improve patients’ quality of life or increase remission rates are worth celebrating,” said Kathryn Hudson, facility manager at the BHI.

Over 50 people will sit down at the BHI’s Longest Lunch Table, each bringing a plate of food and a donation.

“We are from a range of backgrounds, so we always have amazing dishes from many different cultures. The quality of food is incredible, so diverse and flavoursome!

“People enjoy bringing their favourite dish, and those that aren’t as confident in the kitchen bring something like crusty bread from their favourite bakery.

“Although the food is a delicious focal point, it’s all about making sure everyone joins in to enjoy each other’s company and support the cause!”