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Your Longest Table Checklist

The official day for The Longest Table is so close we can almost taste it! By taking small steps to prepare for your Longest Table in the days leading up to your event, you can relax and enjoy the night! Save yourself the pre-event panic… your Longest Table is for you to enjoy too! ​🎉​​🎉​​🎉​

Write a list ✍️

Is your mind feeling cluttered thinking of all the small steps you need to check off before your event? Write a list of everything you need to do to make your night special! This could be anything from a trip to the supermarket, stocking up on wine or picking up any physical donations for your event!

Set the table 🍴​

Set the table the day before your event and make sure you have enough place settings for all your guests. This will (hopefully) save you any last-minute frantic visits to K-mart. Remember to use our Host Goodie Bags to bring your event to life!

Find out more about how to use your Host Goodie Bags here!

Pick your playlist 🎶​

Your playlist sets the mood for your event and can often be missed in planning! You may want to spend some time picking out songs to fit your event. Alternatively, our team has put together playlists for an array of themes, covering everything from disco to karaoke, Italian night, 80s, 90s and MORE!

Check out our lifesaving playlists here!

Prepare your menu 🍔​

Save yourself the stress of guests arriving while you’re still cooking! Prepare anything you can the night before, rather than saving all your culinary skills for the few hours before your event. Whether it’s chopping vegetables, seasoning meat or putting together an epic dessert that will be ready to serve, every small step counts in making your hosting duties that little bit easier!

Get your outfit ready ​👗​

Plan out and try on your outfit before your Longest Table! Depending on if you have a theme of not, you may have organised your outfit earlier while planning your event. But for those who haven’t thought about what they will be wearing yet, find time to put together your show-stopping outfit and save the stress of digging through your wardrobe before your hosting duties!

Prepare to fundraise 💲​

Are you hosting an auction or planning to make a speech? Prepare notes or a script to follow throughout your event. By writing down everything you need to say to your guests, you can make sure you don’t miss any important points! If you have many activities to get through, write down a run sheet to help you say on track and on time.

Ask for help! 💬

Your guests want your Longest Table to be a special night too! Before your event, think of anything you may need help with. It could be dishes, serving food or assisting with running fundraising activities. Ask a few reliable guests to help out before your event and call on them when you need support.


Please reach out to our friendly team if you need help or assistance in hosting your Longest Table! Email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (08) 8244 1100.

We are so excited to see how you #ForkCancer! ​🎗️​✨​