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Your Longest Table is Helping Women Like Deb…

Always fit and healthy, 56-year-old Deb Holsman never thought she would be diagnosed with breast cancer, let alone one of the most heartbreaking forms of the disease.

Last year Deb was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive breast cancer type that affects around 15 per cent of those diagnosed and currently has no targeted treatment.

Lucky for Deb, early detection saved her life, but many women are not as lucky. That’s why research is so crucial to see a new targeted therapy for this heartbreaking breast cancer type.

This is Deb’s story…

“I had my annual mammogram in May last year and received a recall from Breast Screen SA to come in and have a biopsy. I didn’t think much of it as I previously had a lump in my left breast which was diagnosed as a cluster of cysts. I just presumed it was that.

“When my husband and I received the results, that I had breast cancer, I was absolutely shocked. I hadn’t even thought that it may be breast cancer.

“My saving grace was that my cancer was caught early.”

Having three daughters and five grandchildren of her own, Deb said one of the hardest parts of her diagnosis was breaking the news to her beloved family.

Deb and her family
Deb and her loving family who supported her during her breast cancer journey.


“When I had to tell my family they were all devastated. It was probably one of the worst things I’ve had to do emotionally, but you’re trying to stay strong for them because you’re the mum.”

“I underwent over five months of chemotherapy, I then had a break to recover before having surgery in December and following that four weeks of radiotherapy.

“After all this I still had some pathology showing which is why I’ve now started six months of oral chemotherapy which is supposed to help with my long-term survival.”

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