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You’re joining the Fight to Beat Breast Cancer

By hosting a Longest Table, you’re joining the fight to save lives from aggressive breast cancer.

Head of the Cell Signalling Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology, Associate Professor Yeesim Khew-Goodall is leading a crucial research project focused on overcoming resistance to cancer therapy, particularly in triple negative breast cancer.

Did you know triple negative breast cancer is the only breast cancer type with no available targeted treatment? These patients are currently treated by chemotherapy but there is no guarantee of success – and unfortunately for patients that fail chemotherapy the survival rate remains only 12 months.

“The trouble with triple negative breast cancer is the only treatment available is standard chemotherapy, and after that there is nothing else they can do for these patients. While some patients may respond very well to chemotherapy, others don’t respond at all and some will respond well but then their cancer comes back and their body has developed resistance to the chemotherapy.”

The world-class team at the CCB have discovered a gene and entire signalling pathway that could play a critical role in helping not only triple negative breast cancer but also other metastatic cancers become resistant to treatment and spread rapidly.

“We predict that this pathway makes the cancer cells tougher and more capable of surviving the harsher conditions that occur when cancer metastasises.”

With potential for wider application in other cancers including prostate cancer, colon cancer and even forms of lung cancer, A/Prof Khew-Goodall’s research has the potential to save the lives of people in the future diagnosed with the heartbreaking disease that is cancer. Sign up to host a Longest Table to help her #forkcancer!