How are you helping?

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    Your support is helping our research teams prevent and limit the spread of prostate cancer & breast cancer.

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    You are helping our researchers combat skin cancer in a project focused on re-training our immune system to attack and destroy advanced melanoma through personalised treatments.

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    You are helping our researchers find out why the rates of bowel cancer are on the rise in young people, and save lives through early diagnosis.

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    Your support will help find new treatments for cancers in women, such as ovarian cancer and breast cancer.

Your Impact
Tania Pradun
Tania Pradun

Cancer has been an active and vicious part of our family. My Longest Grazing Table brought together all my favourite things to fight cancer.

Lorelei Thomas
Lorelei Thomas

Knowing 100% of donations go directly to cancer research is one of the reasons I keep participating in The Longest Table.

Tracy Jeffery
Tracy Jeffery

Our family is at an extra high risk of developing cancer. I’m being proactive to find a cure by raising money to fight cancer through The Longest Table!

Kylie's family
Kylie Pellizzari

Cancer came knocking on our door on the eve of my son’s 13th birthday. I wanted to do something that Jonathon could be part of and The Longest Table is exactly that.

Trish Fuss
Trish Fuss

Dinner with friends to fight the disease that invaded my body? Bring it on!

Julia Strawbridge_1
Julia Strawbridge

As a nurse I see first-hand the trauma cancer sufferers go through. My ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ dinner was my fourth Longest Table!

Su and Margie.
Su and Margie

We hosted a hosted a Mediterranean Longest Table to honour our loved ones who have battled cancer.

Meet our wonderful Ambassadors who are leading the charge to #forkcancer!

Dr Zinonos

Thank you from researcher

Dr Zinonos

Your Longest Table is truly making a difference supporting vital cancer research such as a world-first prostate cancer research project which aims to help the 1 in 5 men who will be diagnosed with this evil disease. Thank you.
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