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Meet our dedicated ambassadors who are leading the charge in the fight against cancer!

Hello Hosts!

Our bright and bubbly Adelady girls, Hayley and Lauren, are back for their eighth year as TLT ambassadors! You may recognise the girls from their weekly TV show on Channel 9 or their magazine and socials celebrating the best of South Australia!

Raising over $435,000 for cancer research in the last seven years with partners G-Fresh, they are continuing to #ForkCancer to stop the heartbreak this terrible disease causes families. 

This year, the duo is getting their flare pants ready for a groovy night dedicated to disco at Sunnybrae Estate!

Ben is no stranger to the kitchen having competed in season 11 of MasterChef Australia. He is a master of Italian feasts and delicious desserts – among many other talents! 

Ben says he gained most of his culinary prowess from his dad, who was recently diagnosed with both prostate and bowel cancer. Now, Ben is bringing his joy of cooking for his friends and family with his motivation to #ForkCancer at his Longest Table. 

Ben’s hot tip? Cook elements of your feast in advance! Save yourself valuable time on the day of your Longest Table by prepping what you can. You can even cook your main meal the week before and freeze it for the big day!

Brenton is a Longest Table veteran having hosted every year since inception in 2013! 

Having had loved ones touched by cancer, Brenton sees The Longest Table as a great way to give to a good cause whilst having fun at showing off his culinary skills. Brenton's Longest Table has travelled across the world, showcasing the best dishes from his favourite cuisines. In 2022 he took his guests to Modena in Italy!  

Brenton’s hot tips for your Longest Table success? Get a good group of friends together, plan well and don’t stress too much about the cooking – less is more! 

After working in the corporate world for 30 years, Greer decided to pursue her love of art full-time. Greer loves what she does and has always been generous with her art, donating pieces to raise funds and donating profits from her sales to the causes close to her heart.

Greer’s mum and dad are both survivors of cancer – her dad fought renal cancer and her mum battled lung cancer. Greer believes we can all do something to contribute to the fight against cancer, whether it’s fighting for prevention or a cure.

Kathryn spends most days fighting cancer in her role as Institute Manager for SAiGENCl, the South Australian immunoGENomics Cancer Institute.

Having worked in medical research for over 20 years, Kathryn knows firsthand how the vital funds you raise can help researchers to fight cancer.

Starting small in her first year of hosting, Kathryn has since grown her events to include themes and activities to encourage more donations from her guests.

Dr Mark Plummer fights disease and illness for a living in his role as the Head of Research and Innovation at The Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Intensive Care Unit. Dr Plummer’s world-leading research to fight Sepsis with vitamin C is proudly funded by The Hospital Research Foundation Group, and we are so excited he is also joining us to #ForkCancer as an ambassador of The Longest Table! 

Dr Plummer believes that fundraising efforts are crucial for researchers like him to be able to fight for cures and improve care across Australia and the world.

For Sarah it’s her personal motivation that drives her to host a Longest Table each year. Unfortunately, her mother is battling breast cancer, her father was diagnosed with skin cancer and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma in his bowel, and her 30-year-old brother had his eye removed three years ago from a rare optical melanoma. Sarah is determined to raise more lifesaving funds to stop the heartbreak of cancer. 

Paula Vidale, along with her daughter Mia and her niece, Haylee are passionate about finding a cure for cancer. The trio have been hosting with The Longest Table since 2020 to honour the friends and family they have lost to cancer and their loved ones who are still fighting this heartbreaking disease. 

Team PMH loves to get creative with their fundraising efforts and in 2022 included everything from a fashion runway to live drawings of their guests! Paula, Mia and Hayley are back in 2023 with another spectacular event... details coming soon! 

Stefan has the cheekiest grin – in fact he’s built and branded his beloved eastern suburbs coffee shop around his signature smile! 

Stefan started his business as a mobile coffee cart to cater for a variety of events in Adelaide, but soon the pandemic hit... and he had to get creative! Stefan opened the doors to Cheeky Grin Coffee in the back shed of his family home in an effort to keep his community connected over a chat, a few laughs and a delicious brew. 

Stefan fought the doom and gloom of the pandemic, and now he’s joining the fight to #ForkCancer for his loved ones who have been impacted by this devastating disease. 

Residing in Port Lincoln, Tabetha is dedicated to helping her local community in any way she can. Tabetha recently underwent a bilateral mastectomy in Adelaide, and urgently needed accommodation.

She found
Under Our Roof, an affordable home away from home for country cancer patients, partially funded by your fundraising efforts at The Longest Table! Now, Tabetha wants to help more people like her and fight to #ForkCancer from the Eyre Peninsula! 

As a seventh-time host, Trish’s battle to #ForkCancer is personal. She was only 46 when she found a lump in her breast, turning her life into a rollercoaster ride of appointments with doctors, nurses, psychologists and countless treatments that helped her to keep fighting. 

Trish was lucky to have a targeted therapy available to her that saved her life. Thanks to researchers working hard in their labs we have access to treatments like Trish’s, but we still need more – and Trish will keep fighting to #ForkCancer until we do! 

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