What is The Longest Table?

The Longest Table is The Hospital Research Foundation Group‘s annual cancer fundraiser where you can host a night of fun to fight for a future free from cancer for your loved ones.

The official date for The Longest Table is September 18, 2021, but remember if this doesn’t suit then that’s OK! You can hold your event anytime until the end of September.

Join us and Bite to Fight cancer!

The Longest Table in 2021




Here’s how it works…

1. Register & get your FREE Goodie Bag

Sign up to host a physical or virtual event to #forkcancer and receive your free Host Goodie Bag to get you started.

2. Plan your event

Get creative and start thinking about the type of event you would like to hold. Set yourself an ambitious, but achievable, fundraising target to fight against cancer.

3. spread the word

Invite your friends and family to your event and spread the word far and wide to let everyone know you’re raising funds to fight against cancer.

4. host your longest table and #forkcancer!

Share a meal, virtual get together and fundraise with family and friends knowing together you’re helping to fight for a future free from cancer for your loved ones.


Why should I get involved?

Every dollar you raise helps to fight cancer!

With your support, The Longest Table raises urgently needed funds for cancer research through The Hospital Research Foundation Group to find new ways to prevent, treat and cure this heartbreaking disease.

Cancer is one of our deadliest enemies with 50,000 people losing their life to the disease each year. Frighteningly, one in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85.

By hosting a Longest Table, you can help change these alarming statistics and save lives!

You’ll be helping people like Sean…

Sean and Son

Sean was diagnosed with prostate cancer just two months before his 50th birthday. Having a seven year old son, this was the last thing he thought he would have to face at such a young age. Sean initially underwent robotic surgery, which appeared to be successful. But it wasn’t enough.

Just six months later Sean required additional treatment so he underwent a course of radiotherapy. Again the cancer slowed, but after another few months it was back again. This led to a course of chemotherapy, combined with hormone therapy. Sean will now be on hormone therapy for the rest of his life.

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