Our Ambassadors

Meet our wonderful Ambassadors who are leading the charge to #forkcancer!

Hayley & Lauren – Adelady

You may recognise our bright and bubbly Adelady girls, Hayley and Lauren, from their TV show on Channel 9 as well as from the radio airwaves on Nova 919! This year, they’re raring to go, ready to fork cancer right between the eyes hosting their own dinner on the official date of The Longest Table, July 22.


Tim & Kyle – My Kitchen Rules 2017

The bearded, beer loving boys representing South Australia on My Kitchen Rules 2017 are all about ending cancer for good hosting their own dinner this year at the Watermark Hotel, one of our fabulous participating venues!


Bree May – Food According to Bree

Back to #forkcancer for the third year in the row, the lovely Bree May, MKR Champion from 2014 and Food According to Bree is so passionate about doing all she can to stop cancer touching the lives of any more of her loved ones. This year, she’s hosting her own dinner in the comforts of her own home, surrounded by loves ones just as eager as her to beat cancer once and for all!

“There is not a single Australian alive that isn’t directly or indirectly affected by cancer, but I honestly believe, that together we can create a future without this terrible disease in it. My husband lost his mum when he was seven, to a rare form of leukaemia. And after a long, three year fight my beloved cousin Paul passed away from lung cancer in 2013.

The thing I love most about hosting a Longest Table is being surrounded by the people I love. I cannot think of a better way to spend an evening and to show the people that I care about how important they are to me, than by sharing a delicious home cooked meal, a good bottle of wine, and lots of laughs with them. Priceless.”


Rilka Warbanoff – Rilka’s Kitchen

Flamboyant foodie Rilka Warbanoff from Rilka’s Real Foods is channelling her passion for great food and wine and determination to bury the word cancer into one this year hosting her own Longest Table dinner with friends. You’ll also hear her on the airways as 5AA’s resident foodie!

Jenni Eyles – Styling Curvy

Fun loving Jenni from Styling Curvy is back again to say fork you to cancer! Calling herself a cancer thriver after surviving breast cancer, Jenni is joining the Adelady girls this year to tell her story to their community and empower more people to host their own dinners with friends to fight cancer. Read more here.