Research You Are Supporting

Your Longest Table will help progress research fighting to save lives from the most common cancers affecting our community.
Here is a snapshot of research you’ll be supporting…

Blocking the pathway to cancer spread

With chemotherapy often ineffective against triple negative breast cancer, a team led by Associate Professor Yeesim Khew-Goodall, Head of the Cell Signalling Laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB), are busy researching more about the pathway and how to impede it.

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Breakthrough in the fight against lung cancer

Imagine treating cancer with a puffer? For Dr Joanna Woodcock and her team at the Centre for Cancer Biology this is not as far-fetched as you might think. They are investigating ways to administer a chemical compound treatment directly to the cancer cells, with one of the options through inhalable forms.

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Giving hope to patients with aggressive brain cancer

Leading medical oncologist Professor Michael Brown, Head of Translational Oncology at the Centre for Cancer Biology (CCB), is embarking on a new T-cell therapy for adult and paediatric patients with aggressive brain cancers. His team are engineering cancer-killing T-cells in the laboratory to create CAR T-cells which can target the cancer cells.

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