Your Impact


With your support, in 2018 we raised over $266,000 to save lives from cancer!

This meant our researchers were able to progress a number of exciting projects to help #forkcancer!

Here are just some of the lifesaving cancer research projects you helped make possible:


Breast Cancer

  • Progressed work into developing a non-invasive gel using a compound derived from seaweed, combined with our own cancer fighting immune cells, that can be injected into inoperable tumours
  • Pioneered vital research to better understand why patients with estrogen receptor positive breast cancer (the most common form of this disease) develop therapy resistance

Prostate Cancer

  • Identified high levels of a protein called quaking plays a key role in the bad prognosis of prostate cancer tumours that have become resistant to chemotherapy and other treatments
  • Commenced a clinical trial to test new immunotherapy treatments for prostate cancer patients at the Lyell McEwin Hospital

Bowel Cancer

  • Investigated a group of immune cells that could be a key target to help predict if a patients bowel cancer is likely to spread
  • Commenced the development of a Computer Aided Dignostic (CAD) system to be used during colonoscopies which allows tissue to be analysed and diagnosed in real time improving patient care.

Other Cancers

  • Successfully trialled treating patients with a rare neuroendocrine cancer with a revolutionary treatment using a chemical red dye – Rose Bengal
  • Commenced work to test a new T cell therapy for glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer
  • Uncovered new information about how the current treatment for Myelofibrosis, a form of leukaemia, works to pave the way for the development of new treatments for this heartbreaking condition.

You can feel proud knowing your support of The Longest Table is helping to save lives from cancer!

Read more on page 9 of our 2018 Impact Report!

THRF impact report