Fundraising ideas to #ForkCancer!

03 Jul 2023
The official date of The Longest Table is coming... and it’s time to start finalising your plans! 
There are many creative fundraising ideas you can use to help you maximise your efforts and make your Longest Table a night to remember. 

Personalise your fundraising page 💻 

Personalise your fundraising page on The Longest Table website. Use our tools to customise your page with why you’re hosting a Longest Table, share your connection to cancer, upload photos to inspire potential donors to contribute to your fight to #ForkCancer. 

Match donations  💲 

Reach out to local businesses or generous individuals who may be willing to match donations made during your event. This incentive can significantly boost fundraising efforts and motivate attendees to give more, knowing that their donation will be matched! 

Silent auction 🙋 

Host a silent auction during your dinner party, featuring items and experiences donated by local businesses and community members. Collect unique items such as artwork, vacation packages, or sports memorabilia to entice attendees to bid generously. 

Wine wall 🍷 

Set up a wine wall, where guests can purchase a numbered cork for a chance to win a bottle of wine. Display a wide selection of donated wines with corresponding numbers. Participants choose a cork and win the bottle that corresponds to their chosen number. 

Raffle prizes 🎁

Organise a raffle with enticing prizes to generate excitement and increase fundraising through ticket sales. Seek donations from local businesses for gift cards, spa packages, concert tickets, accommodation or other attractive items. Sell raffle tickets throughout the evening, and draw the winners before the event concludes. 

Fundraising challenges 💪

Create friendly competition by setting fundraising challenges for attendees. For example, you could award a prize to the person or table who raises the most funds, the fastest. Recognise their efforts publicly to encourage others to actively participate in raising money. 

Live entertainment 🎙️ 

Enhance the atmosphere of your dinner party by organising live entertainment, such as musicians or local performers. If you know someone who is willing to share their cancer story, encourage them to give a speak at the event about their experience to inspire your guests. 

Post on social media 🤳 

Leverage the power of social media by using the dedicated hashtag, #ForkCancer, for your event. Encourage attendees and supporters to share their experiences, stories, and donation links on social platforms. This will help expand your reach and generate online donations. 

Corporate sponsorship 🙌 

Approach local businesses and corporations to secure sponsorship for your event. Offer different sponsorship levels, each with its benefits, such as logo placement, recognition at the event, or a dedicated booth. Corporate sponsors can contribute both financially and through promotion. 

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