Gareth’s fight to #ForkCancer through food!

06 Jul 2023

Meet Gareth! 👋 

Gareth is one of our inspirational Longest Table hosts who is dedicated to making a difference in the fight against cancer through his love of food and passion for cooking. 

For our host, cancer hits close to home with his uncle's fight. Gareth’s uncle beat cancer a few years ago, but sadly the cancer recently returned. 

“It [my uncle’s diagnosis] made me think about how life is short, and we shouldn't take for granted the time we have,” said Gareth. 

“He has shown great courage despite his second diagnosis.” 

Gareth’s Longest Table event promises to be an extraordinary African inspired night. Guests are encouraged to dress in African prints and immerse themselves in the vibrant culture. 

“There's going to be a quiz of 10 questions and the winner with the most correct answers will win a special prize. I've got one of my friends playing guitar throughout the night,” said Gareth. 

As a passionate chef, Gareth’s love for cooking is evident. Drawing inspiration from his mother's culinary prowess, he embarked on a culinary journey that has taken him to various corners of the globe. 

“Cooking is my passion I love being creative with food. My inspiration comes from my mum, I used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen watching her cook for our family. When I became old enough, I did an apprenticeship and became a Chef. It has taken me to Europe and to a few places around Australia,” said Gareth. 

In 2022, Gareth put on an incredible spread for his guests, with tasty appetisers and main dishes featuring sweet and savory delights! 

For Gareth’s Longest Table in 2023, he crafted a mouthwatering 5-course dinner showcasing his interpretation of African cuisine. Guests enjoyed an unforgettable dining experience featuring dishes such as beef tongue, mopane worms, and smoked chocolate. This delectable feast expanded palette horizons and left guests in awe! 

Most importantly, Gareth hopes his Longest Table will leave a lasting impact on the future of cancer research. 

“I believe continued research is important in preventing and treating cancer and I hope in the future we will see ways in which it can be treated without causing serious side effects,” said Gareth. 

Want to join Gareth in the fight to #ForkCancer? 

Join Gareth in the fight to #ForkCancer!